Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Progress Update

I installed overhead lighting on a dimmer. It is much easier to see when working! I placed incandescent bulbs all around the layout. I may change the type of bulbs for a more floodlight look.

I finished the incline out of the yard, including the truss bridge that crosses the ravine. The incline is pretty smooth, using plywood cookie cutter method. I'm not as happy with the curve across the bridge, but it works. Better to keep bridges on a straight flat surface for sure. 85 foot Bombardier Cab car bottoms out with it's front dam due to the curve and incline. The good news is that the passenger cars should never be in the freight yard.

Step 2 of the river is complete. I finished carving the foam river bed, added river rocks, larger rocks and a piece of submerged wood, used cotton balls for the rapids at the back, as well as a few in the river to show water going around larger rocks. Siliconed glass over top. Next step is to continue the banks up from the glass, then use resin to texturize the surface.

Installed double track plate girder bridge for Town of Southlake underpass. Carved and painted grey the abutments and sidewalks. Will later install foam roadway.

About 75-80% of the track is laid. Tested it, and had to tweak a siding curve as the radius was too tight for longer freight cars. Outside main track for GO Train is working, although the curves are tighter than I would like. The 85 foot cars really should have a much wider radius, but I am restricted in my space.

Will be completing my drop-in next, and completing the track. Decided to double track the drop-in and have two continuous ovals, mostly due to the tight curves. That way the GO train can stick to the outer track, while the freight can use both. Will be putting hidden staging tracks behind some industrial buildings behind the yard for GO train staging. Decided to add a siding to service those buildings.