Monday, August 31, 2009

Backdrop board mounted

The backdrop board is mounted all around. It is 1/8" masonite - 24" high. I plan to paint it blue and white - hopefully a kind of gradient. Although it really closes in the space, I am pleased with it, especially the curved corners.


Benchwork completed last week. The benchwork is at 48" high and runs as a 2' shelf around the room. It will have a drop-in bridge that makes a continuous loop for running trains.

Derry, Maine comes to life!

After 30 years, I have decided to build another model railway! I have managed to secure space in the basement and am building a shelf layout.

Originally, I planned to build the railroad based on the area around Quebec City, and then planned to model York Region around Newmarket and Aurora, but as a huge Stephen King fan, decided it would be much more fun to model the fictional town of Derry, Maine, made famous by King in the novel 'IT'.

Watch as the layout progresses...